Fuel Rewards

In the past few years, Americans have readdressed their driving habits to meet the high prices of fuel. Some reacted to rising prices by using public transportation, yet the great majority gave up larger vehicles for compact cars. Even though driving cars with greater fuel efficiency helps, everyone groans the moment they pull into a gas station to fill up. Fortunately, some fuel companies decided to turn these moments of dread into opportunities to save.

Fuel rewards programs offer different methods of saving. Some companies enter your information into a sweepstakes, where you are bound to win a promotion for a service. There are others that act as a membership plan. By joining their fuel rewards network, you accumulate points with any purchase (pack of gum, tank of gas, vinegar n salt chips) which you may redeem with other retailers. The best way to redeem for many though, is by electing to receive a fuel gift card.