Traffic Signs

Traffic signs indicate what drivers are allowed to do when to stop, when a U-turn is prohibited; even where deer are known to cross the road at times. The shape, color, and text of traffic give drivers the information needed to make wise decisions. This in turn, minimizes the chances of causing an accident.

Watch out for traffic signs at all times; they are used on highways, rural roadways and even on private properties.

Important Signs to Obey

ONE-WAY SIGNS: One-way signs indicate that you can only travel in one direction on a given street. Whereas most streets allow motorists to travel in two directions (North and South or East and West), one-way streets allow drivers to drive North, South, East, or West.

LANE CONTROL SIGNS: These are signs that indicate limitations applicable to certain lanes, such as when lanes are going to merge, and what direction you can turn from a certain lane.

WORK ZONE SIGNS: They are used with other traffic control devices or flag persons to help direct traffic safely through work areas and to protect highway workers.