Parking Tickets

Parking violations will happen for a variety of reasons. Commonly, tickets are issued for parking in front of fire hydrants or entry ramps, blocking fire hydrants, using a special needs parking spot, or allowing a parking meter to expire. Tickets for a typical parking violation in Oregon average between $15 and $30; however, blocking a fire hydrant or a special needs parking spot results in even higher fines from tickets.

Drivers that ignore paying traffic tickets will need to know that the following two things will happen: First, your vehicle will get booted. "The boot" is a metal clamp placed around your vehicle's tires that prevent you from moving the vehicle. The second thing that will happen is that your vehicle will be towed. Police officers are able to look into the ticket record of a vehicle on the spot and if you have too many unpaid parking tickets show up on yours, they will be inclined to tow your vehicle, incurring more costs.