Vehicle History Reports

A vehicle history report discloses all information about a specific vehicle, including: make, model, year, odometer reading, previous owners, accident records, date and details of any repairs, as well as other pertinent details.

It is a beneficial tool for buyers and sellers of used cars, as any possible safety issues and other problems help to determine the real value of a used car. Prospective buyers in particular, should utilize a vehicle history report to verify the claims of a seller. Lowering the odometer reading is a simple task to those who know how to; however a vehicle history report utilizes the car's unique vehicle identification numbers to compile a report with accurate information. Accidents and damages are also elements a seller may choose to not disclose, which would be revealed in a vehicle history report.

On the other hand, a seller of a used vehicle in good shape with a clean history can utilize a vehicle history report to verify his or her claims, and get top dollar for the car.