Driving Records

Your driving record includes how many points you have accumulated, which accidents you have been in recently and your driver states: safe or unsafe. The number of points assessed to your driving record depends on the severity of the traffic infractions you committed. If you accumulate too many points, your license may be revoked, suspended or worse, face jail time.

How does the Oregon Point System work?

For drivers not licensed as commercial drivers, the point scale in Oregon ranges from one to five. For commercial drivers, it ranges from one to eight, and littering is the only one point offense. Whereas most drivers can be assessed a minimum of one point for a moving violation, commercial drivers are assessed three.

How to reduce the amount of points on your record:

Each full year that you do not accumulate additional points, you will have two points removed from your driving record. You can also attend an Oregon approved Defensive Driving Course. If you complete and pass the state required program, you can possibly shave two points from your driving record. All points can be removed from your driving record if you drive for three years without being cited for a moving violation.