Renew Registration in Oregon

Need to renew your Oregon car registration? We've collected helpful information that will save you some time, and we offer links to resources that will get you going in the right direction.

Renewing your Oregon Vehicle Registration

Renewing your tag is an easy process in Oregon, as you are given option of renewing in person, online, or via mail.

Oregon allows some drivers to renew their registration online, provided that they meet the certain state requirements. In order to register online, visit the Oregon DMV Vehicle Registration Renewal page and follow the instructions given.

To renew your Oregon vehicle registration in person, find your local DMV office in the state of Oregon. You will also be required to present the renewal notice, proof of insurance, an emissions certificate (if applicable), and payment for required fees.

You are only eligible to renew your tag by mail if you do not have any unpaid tickets or outstanding obligations with the DMV. The back of your renewal notice will have a set of instructions for you to follow. If you did not receive a renewal notice make sure to call the DMV at 1-503-945-5400. Enclose a check or money order for required fees. Return renewal application and payment to:

Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division
1905 Lana Ave. NE
Salem, OR 97314