How To Renew Your Oregon Drivers License

Need to renew your Oregon drivers license? We've collected helpful information that will save you some time, and we offer links to resources that will get you going in the right direction.

It is against Oregon state law to drive with an expired license. To renew an Oregon drivers licenses, the applicant can apply in person at the Renewal Division of the DMV office.


Oregon Drivers Licenses Renewal Reminder
A postcard renewal reminder is mailed almost two months before the drivers license renewal will need to take place. In case the driver does not receive the reminder, they have to note when to renew their Oregon drivers license before it expires.

Steps To Renew Oregon Drivers License
The procedure for renewal of the Oregon drivers license includes:

  • Application has to be made in person at any of the DMV offices where one resides 
  • Suspended, revoked or cancelled license cannot be renewed
  • Expired drivers licenses over one year cannot be renewed unless one has military expemtion
  • Submit the completed driver’s application. If required with medical tests/certificates
  • Submit proof of legal full name/identity 
  • Submit proof of legal presence/citizenship in the US
  • Social Security Number 
  • Proof of residence 
  • Surrender the Oregon drivers license that is about to expire 
  • Pay the renewal fees
  • Have the photograph taken

Required Documents
As part of the Oregon drivers license renewal, the applicant will need to have ready certain documents to give to their local DMV such as:

Proof Of Identity:

    • U.S. government issued birth document 
    • U.S. consular report on birth abroad 
    • Valid US passport or passport card 
    • A tribal ID card 
    • U.S. immigration documents 
    • U.S. naturalization documents 

Proof Of Residence:

    • U.S. passport or passport card 
    • A verbal statement by a person residing at the same residence. They must also accompany applicant and present proof of residence address.
    • Oregon ID card not expired for over a year 
    • Oregon vehicle registration and title showing the same address as which applicant resides now
    • Utility statement
    • Any document issued by a financial institute that includes residence address 
    • Any item delivereed by US postal service, fedex or UPS by verifiable business or government agency
    • US government issued marriage certificate 

Once all the renewal conditions have been met, an temporary drivers license card is issued. This temporary license will permit the driver to drive in Oregon. This card can be used until the receipt of the renewed Oregon drivers license is received by mail.

Out-Of-State Oregon Drivers License Renewal
In case the Oregon drivers license renewal applicant is out of town when Oregon drivers license renewal is due and cannot perform the renewal in person, they may call DMV at (503) 945-5400.  A driver can renew Oregon drivers license if it has not expired more than one year. If it is expired past one year, then the driver has to apply for a new Oregon drivers license.

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