CDL Insurance

Commercial driving insurance is required of anyone using a car, truck, van or other vehicle to deliver goods and services. Most commercial drivers work as part of a fleet owned by a company, and larger companies tend to provide insurance for their drivers and their vehicles. If you are an owner considering this, contact a large insurance company to learn more about protecting your commercial vehicle investment. There are a variety of discounts you may eligible for, depending on how large a fleet you have, business experience and previous insurance policy.

Commercial drivers that are self-employed or work for companies that don't provide insurance must find protection for their professional livelihood. This cost is out-of-pocket, and the price of a commercial insurance plan varies based on your driver history, the type of vehicle being used and the types of goods or services being transported.

Additionally, plans differ depending on whether a vehicle will face more city miles or highway miles, and drive within the borders or intrastate.