Accident Coverage

Collision insurance in Oregon can be a handy service to have in your corner, should you get into an accident. Popular belief suggests you don't need collision insurance when your car is "past its prime," but it can help you whether your car is two months old, or two decades old. Collision coverage is also known as accident coverage, and is designed to protect every inch of your vehicle.

It is used to repair your vehicle when physical damage occurs from a collision with another vehicle or object, and it is usually subject to your deductible. It is not required to have collision insurance; however the main reason automobile owners elect to have it is to know all vehicle repairs will be paid for by their insurance provider. Other reasons are:

  • Collision insurance will repair the vehicle in full even if you were the cause of the accident.
  • The damages are paid for when another driver damages your vehicle.
  • Collision insurance pays for repairs that your basic insurance policy does not cover.

For owners with a new or moderately expensive car, or who drive often, accident coverage is considered a beneficial insurance asset.