CDL Manuals Oregon

Looking to sharpen your skills before driving a bus, semi or large truck in Oregon? The Oregon Commercial Driver's License Manual provides drivers with essential safety tips and strategies when operating these types of vehicles. The OR CDL Manual breaks down these operating procedures into easy-to-follow steps. Not only does the manual discuss critical driving skills, however it encourages commercial drivers to be safe on the road.

Below are the most common factors of accidents:

  • Distracted driving increases the likelihood of an accident by three times or more, and is involved in more than 40 percent of all traffic accidents.
  • A lack of sleep contributes to 16 percent of commercial driving accidents in Oregon.
  • Nearly 33 percent of all traffic accidents happen because one or more drivers were speeding. Speeding enhances two major risks associated with traffic safety. The first is that it lowers the chance either you or other drivers have to react and avoid an accident. Second, speeding increases the force at which a vehicle will hit another vehicle or object. In

Pick up your copy to make sure you're prepared to pass the tests to earn your CDL license in Oregon.